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What we do

IPDC is setup to provide developers with core services to run a project including project management and cost consulting in conjunction with a focus on financial drivers. We help move projects forward, and accurately track the progress and financials related to a project

We work with our clients, and provide advice as if we were principals on any project. This is to ensure the client’s profitability is not eroded through unnecessary cost increases due to overruns or variations, and revenues are more realistically determined. We help streamline our clients’ relationships with their investors and/or financiers, which can be very complex when the capital for a project is obtained from multiple parties.IPDC works closely with clients’ internal or external legal counsel to ensure the legal and financial structure of the project is consistent with the project’s objectives, resources and constraints.

Our differentiators are:

  • Liquidity focus – we focus on liquidity management with monthly reporting on cash flows from the projects current stage to completion. We do this through bespoke models developed with each project’s specific requirements in mind. We take into account all local regulatory requirements including escrow account limits, retention accounts, sales and marketing limits, etc. With a strong emphasis on month cash flow management, we are able to monitor and quantify risks to ensure our clients are better able to navigate potential issues early.
  • Efficiency – Our methods incorporate working with internal and/or external accountants, improving back office processes, physical and electronic filing (we help developers to become paperless). This all helps to increase productivity, and frees up staff to carry out more value add work, such as liquidity reporting, exception handling, error reporting and risk analysis.
  • Accuracy – We track all numbers to ensure the reconciliation of certificates, accounting accruals, cash and financial look-forwards. This helps developers track profitability in real time, manage low points in liquidity and mitigate the impact of risks on the financial position.