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Project Monitoring

Development projects are complex endeavours with multiple stakeholders, all with varying objectives. Trying to understand the financial performance of a project is riddled with issues such as poor reporting practices, lack of accounting reconciliation, focus on activities rather than value, poor budget variance analysis and inability to adjust projections on a monthly basis.

IPDC can help financiers better manage their investments in development projects. We can help to set up reporting functions, assess progress, determine exposure to risks, and provide up-to-date analysis on cost and revenue performance. This in turns leads to more meaningful reports on liquidity, profit, and debt repayment and profit schedules. From our experience the enhanced trust these activities enable in all stakeholders are very beneficial to a project’s smooth completion

We combine actual and projected costs captured in enterprise project management tools and/or Excel with all other costs and sales revenues to feed into our bespoke financial models to provide reports that are easy to understand and identify key risks.