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Liquidity Reporting

Liquidity is a key metric in development. In Dubai, many developers found to their detriment that not understanding their liquidity position and actively managing it can lead to stalled, failed or cancelled projects. After years of work and money poured into a development, this can be very damaging to a developer and its reputation.

IPDC’s core skills lie in financial modelling. As such we blend traditional real estate services such as project management and quantity surveying with our ability to financially monitor a project during construction. Uniquely, this allows us to advise clients on the liquidity horizon and proactively steer away from issues that may arise.

Financial modelling requires a deep understanding of the real estate process, costs and revenues, and a tool to be able to build complex models. IPDC builds bespoke Excel models that combine all of these factors, which are complex in their make-up, but provide simple dashboards for developers to run scenarios and stress tests.