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Accounting and Back Office Functions

Accuracy and timeliness of any project means all the mundane, detail-oriented work has to be done on time and efficiently. In Dubai, a wide variety of and numerous customer complaints can be traced to poorly administered back offices.. Inefficient back offices and especially deficient accounting can also produce misleading and incomplete reporting, which can trigger erroneous management decisions.

We help systemise back offices, and make offices paperless. This releases back office staff from carrying out unnecessary, time-consuming and often duplicative tasks, and focusses them on carrying out operations which are reconciled (to ensure accuracy) and higher value (as they feed into more complex and critical operations such as the liquidity report).

We do this by re-engineering back office processes to fit directly with the development process, IPDC’s financial management and Dubai’s regulatory framework. IPDC can provide training to back office staff to improve their individual performance, and where required restructure back office operations.